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Review: Alabama Shakes ARE Worth The Hype

Alabama Shakes/ Sound & Color/ATO

The latest slice of colorful deep fried funk from Athens, Alabama’s Alabama Shakes is as good as the hype suggests.

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s important to note that this selection of songs is best served as situational companions to weekend days spent doing not much of anything.

The dirgy “Dunes” could be a classic rock radio staple that emits from boats on the river of your choice.
However, this is not an album that falls back exclusively on the fun facts that it’s retro, funky, bluesy, southern or roots-oriented.

This is art disguised as commerce as the ballad “Gimme All Your Love” is catchy in its own twisted way.
The lo-fi wall of wailing vocals, organ stabs and surging drums set the foundation for the album’s most colorful guitar work.

In one moment, the song’s crescendo is what is right about this entire affair. The reckless seconds tick off in a similar fashion to the waning moments of The Afghan Whigs underrated classic “Bulletproof.”

There will come a day that these songs will be used to pitch products in a setting that will bring these hooks to light for the passive mainstream consumer.

In the now, the trendsetters and the tastemakers are here to scream the name Alabama Shakes from the mountaintop as those who listen to their opinions jump on board the bandwagon of their new favorite band.

But as with all breaktaking music, it doesn’t matter how you got an invite to the party as long as you got one.

Just make sure you bring a bottle and a fistful of heartache.

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