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Review: Elbow Gets Real With New Video

A Intriguing take on the video format

“What does it prove if you die for a tune?”

Indie rock band, Elbow recently dropped a thought provoking video to go along with their song “It’s All Disco.”

The song itself is slow and atmospheric, having an almost calming effect on the listener. The lyrics read like a poem, and often have double meanings. The alternations between referencing life and music shows just how deeply the two are intertwined.

The video adds a whole other layer to this concept, acting less as a music video, and more of a peek into the lives of various types of music lovers. It’s actually pretty hard to hear the melody of “It’s All Disco” in the video, as it acts more as a background track than anything else. The real focus of this video is the colorful array of people speaking on their personal relationships with music.

Opening up with a shot of hands sifting through a bin at a record store, viewers are quickly introduced to a few of the most notable characters in the video.

An eccentrically dressed man covered in tattoos tells the camera about what it is he loves about rock n’ roll. Transition to a very hip man with very long dreads talking about how music is an integral part of every human’s life since they were in the womb, and how even before birth the frequencies and emotions carry through.

More individuals are gradually introduced throughout the video, until they are thought of not as individual characters anymore, but as parts of something much larger. The connection is established transcending age, race, sex, sexuality and genre preference. It doesn’t matter who it is, music acts as a link between everyone, and that is exactly what this video is trying to get across.

While it may not be the best video to watch for fans who are trying to listen to “It’s All Disco,” it certainly delves deeply into a truth that many overlook. It just goes to show that no matter what someone may look like, face tattoos, dreadlocks, piercings and hipster glasses aside, humanity is tied together by something truly beautiful. That something is music.

Watch: Elbow “It’s All Disco”

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