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Review: Julien Baker Back With New Single, “Appointments”

A new folk icon.

julien-baker-turn-out-the-lights-1502976740-640x640Memphis based singer-songwriter, Julien Baker came onto the scene as a solo artist back in 2015 with her debut album, Sprained Ankle, and right off the bat it was clear that this was a girl with talent.

Originally a member of the alt rock band Forrister (formerly known as The Star Killers), Baker chose to go her own way as her own personal sound didn’t necessarily fit with the band’s more rock stylings.

Something about Baker’s passionate vocals and heart-wrenching melodies sparked the souls of those who listened to her, and gained her an equally passionate following.

Her newest single, “Appointments,” does not fall flat when it comes to the qualities that put her on the map to begin with. The melody tugs at the heart strings, and there is a power to her voice that just hits listeners, evoking a sea of emotion.

Her sound is polished, and her voice is absolutely beautiful. It’s soft and calming, but not lacking in power by any means. The harmonies add an etherial ambience to the tune, and the instrumental part is simple and soft, yet emotionally charged.

The topic of the song also hits home. “Appointments” is the story of a love falling apart at the seams. It’s not violent or sudden, but instead slow and painful, resigned like a once beautiful flame left to burn out into nothing. She tried to be what her lover wanted, the person she used to be, but once the relationship became comfortable the magic was lost.

If the sheer beauty of this song wasn’t enough, then the fact that Baker also announced her upcoming album, Turn out the Lights is sure to put a smile on fans’ faces. Said album is anticipated to be released October 27 of this year, and the lovely “Appointments” will be making an appearance on the track list.

Review: 4/5

Listen to “Appointments” by Julien Baker

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