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Review: Mystery Skulls Blow Minds on One of Us

When lofi pop meets electronica crazy times are bound to be had.

649011ab6f439e37073b3cf41da88fc1-640x640x1When lofi pop meets electronica crazy times are bound to be had.

The Dallas-based audio experience known as Mystery Skulls is the work of lead singer/songwriter, Luis Duboc.

One of Us dropped August 4, 2017, and with a multitude of songs that combine vintage-disco influences and futuristic techno strains, it is not an album to miss.

One of Us opens up like a movie with “Live Forever” leading in with an ambient, dramatic drone that promises greatness. The build up then breaks into a beat-driven, trippy techno jam, with just the right amount of sexiness mixed in. The vocal distortion compliments the synth pop stylings oh so well, and the dramatic piano chord at the end closes the song perfectly.

The second track, “Losing My Mind” is guaranteed to evoke some head-bobbing, if not full-blown dancing. The beat is solid, and listeners will find themselves humming the melody for weeks to come. This song is about paranoia and the feeling of being under constant scrutiny. Ironically, the general awesomeness of the song paints said paranoia in an oddly enticing light.

“Told Ya” evokes mental images of a disco. This is the only track on the album to receive the ‘explicit’ rating. The lyrics have a sense of danger about them, but that just serves to make the song even more exciting. The vocal distortion meshes the disco vibe with the future. The only drawback is that this song is rather short, and will definitely leave listeners wishing it was longer.

The last track on the album, “Music” is an actual ode to music. Grand, yet simple at the same time, this song regards the art form as the savior it is.  Straight-forward in its message, music saves lives, and is basically a way of life in itself.

One of Us is an album to listen to when looking to have a good time. Be it the opening anthem of the night, or something to liven it up mid-way through the party, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: Mystery Skulls One of Us 

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