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Review: Spirits of Vengeance #1

Ghost Rider recruits the help of the supernatural heroes of the Marvel Universe.

Spirits of Vengeance 001 (2017) (Digital) (Hillary-Clinton)

Title: Spirits of Vengeance #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Victor Gischler

Artists: David Baldeon

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10




Marvel Comics brings Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, into the frame of Marvel Legacy with the Spirits of Vengeance. Johnny is caught in an upcoming war on both sides of the afterlife and must align himself with the supernatural enforcers of the Marvel Universe. Hell on Earth is about to commence and amongst the fire everything will burn.

Victor Gischler does not hold back in bringing about the dark supernatural elements within the story. Ghost Rider battles demons while trying to uncover the mystery behind a sudden death linked to realms beyond mankind. Johnny is left with a piece of silver with unknown properties and traces of ancient origins. Johnny seeks the aid of Damien Hellstrom for answers as the questions pile on in this tale of fire and blood.

Together Ghost Rider and Hellstrom learn of an upcoming war upon the human race that will devastate the planet. In the shadows Necrodamus, a demon of powerful sorcery, plans to set things in motion to rid of the heroes. Razan a dark acolyte aids Necrodamus in order to obtain which was stolen from them, the silver piece.

David Baldeon paints a world of dark elements and visuals bringing about the essence of evil, magic, and mystery upon every page. The demons and other monsters possess twisted appearances and profiles, which deliver an eerie tone.

Bright colors overtake the comic book with an abundance of red and black. Red emphasizes the danger as Ghost Rider spews fire across the pages. The line work is neat with heavy dark lines creating a sharp look to the background and characters. The art has a cartoonish presence that compliments the nature of the comic book.

In the end of the comic book Hellstrom calls upon the legendary day walker Blade. Will Blade the famed vampire slayer join our heroes in this battle against the damned or will he fade away from the war itself? What else will come forth through the demonic depths to cause chaos upon the innocent? How powerful is the silver piece and what secrets does it hold? Follow this series of hell fire and magic as the supernatural bleeds into the real world.

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