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Review: St. Vincent Dominates with Emotion on Masseduction

The Glory of Extremes

St. Vincent/ Masseduction

st-vincentChanteuse Annie Clark returns with her shot at primetime attention. Under her St. Vincent moniker the electro-indie starlet makes huge things happen with each and every effort.

The feelings involved on this go round support the ideals of bliss and despair coated in thick layers of avant-garde pop.

Pushing forward with chart-topping maestro Jack Antonoff (Lorde, Taylor Swift), Clark swings for the fences with incredible results.

Masseduction is a lesson in extremes. The album is as dirty as it is slick with honesty trumping all at each and every turn.

What feels dark is often the result of sunshine peeking through as the synth-heavy moments are often supported by the most earnest of vocals.

And when the vocals get chirpy the sonics tone down to flip the proceedings in the opposite direction.

This consistent pendulum swinging requires that this effort be described as a complete body of work.

Yes there are songs here and there that standout. But that is the result of fingers landing as taste-driven personal favorites and not the result of  Masseduction being an incomplete fist.

A grocery list full of moods drive Clark’s fifth solo run. Danceable peaks salute desperate valleys as her desire to put her complete self on display is apparent.

The public often cries out for artists to be more relatable and human while maintaining their integrity and crossover appeal.

Clark checks off all of these boxes on this record and makes it feel easy.

Masseduction’s songs meet at the intersection of raw and glossy and that is a formula that Clark will either build upon or abandon after flirting with mass appeal.

As 2017 starts to shut itself down, St. Vincent/Annie Clark play up to the cliché that the best can also be among the last.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: St. Vincent Masseduction

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