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Review: U.S. Avengers Spits Political Fire In 2nd Issue

U.S. AVENGERS #2/Marvel

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, Jesus Aburtov

Editor: Tom Brevoort

After a strong debut, U.S. Avengers returns with a follow-up that is long on socio-political commentary and phenomenal artwork.

Marvel continues to take chances. To their credit they dropped an issue that features thinly-veiled shots at our incoming president on the week of his inauguration.

Some with call it divisive while others will applaud them for using this platform to express what many feel.

The latest Captain America which happens to be Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter has traveled from the future with a lot of disturbing details.

Daniell Cage sits with the U.S. Avengers and breaks down the real about the Golden Skull.

The murky details reference multiple heroes, Thanos, Doctor Doom and other key figures from across the Marvel Universe find a way into this web of atrocities.

A black-tie affair is the centerpiece of this issue which serves as a set-up for the next go-round.

As stated, the agenda of number two is really the focal-point and the U.S. Avengers spend most of their time being spoken to or reacting to the events at hand.

The team as a whole is still finding its stride as many of them have never held down a premier title before (with the exception of Red Hulk).

Teaming Red Hulk together with Sunspot/Citizen V, Squirrel Girl, Cannonball, Iron Patriot and Enigma shows that Marvel is dedicated to character development.

The Golden Skull’s story arc leaves plenty of room to wonder out-loud if U.S. Avengers will serve as Marvel’s political platform for the next four years.

Smartly, Ewing seems to be putting the story together from both ends. If this title takes off there is room to go in multiple directions.

Very well done.

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