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Saint Laurent dedicates Museum to Founder in Paris

After showing an absolutely stunning collection during Paris Fashion Week, the fashion house Saint Laurent has unveiled their newest addition highlighting the brilliance and heritage created by designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Designer Yves Saint Laurent and his business partner Pierre Bergè spent decades designing and creating their collections of beautiful clothing in the famous mansion Hôtel Particulier at 5 Avenue Marceau in Paris.  From 1974-2002 this space served as the heart of the creative center where Yves’ fantasies of beautifully well-thought clothing flourished into reality.

The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris will focus on both the couturier’s creative genius and the process of designing a haute couture collection. In a fast-paced world of fashion and design,  the museum will focus on the history of the twentieth century and the haute couture traditions that accompanied a way of life that no longer exists.

Two set designers Nathalie Crinière and  Jacques Grange, both long-time collaborators of the  Pierre Bergè- Yves Saint Laurent Foundation, have designed the exhibition spaces to recreate the original atmosphere of the haute couture house. This attention to detail will not be lost on those who truly appreciate the history and sheer brilliance that Saint Laurent and Berge created with their brand over the decades they spent there and the legacy that lives on in their names.


The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris’s inaugural display addresses the couturier’s creative genius through a selection of approximately fifty haute couture designs along with related accessories, sketches, photographs, and films. The inaugural display will be available for viewing through 9-9-2018.

This is the first museum in Paris dedicated to the fashion house, but it is not the only museum the brand has. The brand also has an installation in Marrakech, the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech which chronicles the love affair Saint Laurent had with the city that moved and inspired him.

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