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Salute’s Ultimate 420 Survival Guide

It’s April 20th a.k.a. 4/20 or 420. Take a look around and notice whoever is missing from work or school today. That is that situation’s resident stoner.

They are not sick, there is no family emergency. They are enjoying their holiday as they see fit. Leave them be.

Today is pothead Christmas and as such there are festivals and assorted events dedicated to celebrating the culture of Cannabis.

However a fair amount of the population will gather in homes nationwide with boxes of snacks and bags of greasy food to smoke out and enjoy the various films, shows, music and games that were created to tempt their heightened awareness.

Let’s dig into Salute’s Ultimate 420 Survival Kit

5 Stoner Albums To Embrace

Childish Gambino-Awaken My Love!

To throw such a new album into the Top 5 immediately is a bit bold.  A bit weirder than Outkast’s stoner classic Aquemini and just as funky as anything in Sly Stone’s catalog, this is 49 minutes of pure euphoria to toke to.

Sigur Rós-Takk

Someone once said that these Icelandic geniuses made the saddest music on the planet.

For that individual, that rings true but Sigur Rós touches base with a variety of emotions.

Takk is them at the height of their powers when they were felt more than heard.

Spiritualized- Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

The band’s perfection suite is a headphones workout that has more ear candy than the brain can process at any given time.

The hyper-sensitive should avoid “Broken Heart” while indulging.

Black Crowes-Amorica

A hands down favorite for functional smokers, Amorica has emotional vocals, improvised arrangements and bluesy overtones.

Yeah, its got a song on it called “High Head Blues,” but its deep cuts like “Cursed Diamond” that cemented its status.

Miles Davis-Bitches Brew

The G.O.A.T shines in his finest hour. Recorded in 1969, Davis let the music guide him and his cast of outfits through a psychedelic journey that is still worth taking.

Stream:  Salute To 420 Playlist

5 Stoner Movies to Vibe With

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Sean Penn perfectly embodied what it takes to be a suburban pothead. A deeper film that what it gets credit for, Cameron Crowe’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a no-brainer for this list.


The title didn’t get this one here. This gritty yet funny look into the life of an urban outcast was appreciated when it dropped.

The replay value is high and there are critical Easter eggs throughout that reveal new meanings upon subsequent visits.


This was where a lot of people got-to-know comedian Dave Chappelle. As a “film” Half Baked sucks but it’s the greatest of all-time when you’re under a blanket with a bowl of cherry vanilla and a laugh jones.


Friday is perhaps the most quotable movie of all-time. Its sequels failed to match the original because there was so much lighting captured in this jar.

Even secondary characters such as Big Worm and Red are as revered as Smokey, Deebo and Craig.

“And you know this maaaaan…”

March of the Penguins

Don’t ask any questions. Just set the mood and watch the movie/documentary. It will all make sense.

5 Stoner TV Shows To Binge Watch

The Boondocks

Aaron McGruder’s animated socially-sarcastic classic had its ups and downs but there are maybe two episodes that flat-out sucked out of a four season run.

Both of those came in its final year.

Chappelle’s Show

Dave Chappelle is back. There might be a trend evolving here. His sketch comedy series hosted of a slew notable moments. R.I.P. Charlie Murphy.

Breaking Bad

A lot of anger, empathy and raw anxiety drives this story about a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

With so much on the line, the events surrounding what he has to do to secure his family’s future are jaw dropping.

Perfect for those that like their water deep instead of shallow.

The Mick

What the f*&k will they do next is usually muttered at the end of Fox’s latest comedy.

There is no barrier between good and bad taste here, only what is and is not funny.

Black Ink Crew

A reality show had to make the cut and this one is by far the strongest one on cable TV. The bonds of unconventional family are tested against the impact of super-ratchet behavior.  Oh and they do tattoos too.

5 Stoner Video Games

Madden/EA Sports

Potheads are unnecessarily pigeonholed as extreme liberals with limited interests.

Plenty of cheeba has been burned while lighting up the sticks to the only football game that truly mattered.

Ever wonder why so many custom team names are different variants of monikers like the Atlanta Smoke or the Miami Hydro?

Legend of Zelda/Nintendo

Zelda is a classic because it’s involved yet it does not require too much effort to dig deep into.

The story is strong enough to engage with and the controls are simple enough to finagle on autopilot.

Every situation that allows you to do and feel is a good thing.

Rock Band/MTV Games

Rock Band bested Guitar Hero simply because it’s game-play is more inclusive in story mode.

Cheers to all that woke up early today with a group of friends and virtually went on tour.

You’ll be killing stadiums by dinner time.

Super Mario Brothers-Nintendo

You have a fictional plumber plowing through the Mushroom Kingdom. On his way he’s playing with dinosaurs, throwing fireballs and jumping on or around living creatures.

Nothing else needs to be said.

Grand Theft Auto-Rock Star

Pick any game in this series and test your moral compass as you delve into the most complex storylines ever to make it to console gaming. A personal favorite is Vice City.

5 Stoner Foods To Settle Your Appetite

Not all food is created equal when it comes to satisfying an enhanced appetite.

#1 Pop Tarts

Toasted, room temperature and yes even ice-cold, nearly all flavors will do the trick.  Top them with some ice cream for Tarts a’la Mode.

#2 Breakfast Cereal

Not just any old cereal will do.  The best cereals are the ones with the cartoon characters on the box.

Think Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles and Cookie Crisps.

#3 Golden Corral

If a field trip is on the menu, nothing can get a 420 participant through the day like Golden Corral.

It’s typically unhealthy and several locations practice various degrees of cleanliness, but it has everything under the sun and a lot of it.

Check out our guide to what to avoid there.

#4 Home cooking

A well-stocked kitchen and its tools is by far the best route to go. Check out some recipes here and get to work.

#5 McDonalds

Don’t judge.

That’s it. Enjoy the rest of the day and don’t forget that doctor’s note tomorrow.


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