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So Social: New Yorkers have a Subway Party to “Bodak Yellow”

New Yorkers never sleep, but they always dance.

New Yorkers may not sleep, but they always know how to have a good time.

New York is known for having one of the most bustling subway systems in the world. So you can imagine how stressed out and strung out some of the daily commuters are on their daily trek to work, home, or wherever.

The city that never sleeps is also known for having some of the best most lit parties that go down as legendary. This was once again proven as some traveling New Yorkers started a literal dance party in the subway as someone put the summer jam that keeps on giving,  Bronx native Cardi B.‘s “Bodak Yellow” on the loudspeaker. Subway commuter Matt Whitlock was lucky enough to catch the fun on video and shared it via Twitter.

No matter if you like her work or not, you cannot deny that this track gets people moving. We must say, seeing people having fun and dancing together in a moment of joy reminds us that even though things look bleak on most days, we haven’t lost our humanity yet.

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