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Starset Destroy Boundaries On Vessels LP

Starset/Vessels/Razor & Tie

Starset by all means is a metallic rock band. However, the grand scope of their vision is something to behold.

Each one of Vessel’s 15 songs is a banger that charges ahead with space-aged anthems that at times fly dangerously close to the word progressive.

Simple enough to be understood, yet creative enough to be in control of their own creative destiny, tracks such as the bombastic “Ricochet” do their own thing.

If Dream Theater and Hum got together to do a record produced by the late, great Freddy Mercury; it would sound very close to Vessels.

Formed by former Downplay vocalist Dustin Bates in 2013, Starset indulges Bates’ passion for both astronomy and storytelling.

Starting with their debut Transmission, Starset set off on a course that continues on Vessels.

The entire project is a back-story that is worth digging into.

Despite that, each of these songs works even if the story of “the message,” is not applied.

Art is subjective and “Die For You” is a record that can take on multiple forms.

The knock is that at times, the symphonic keys get a bit over-bearing. They fit in and they make sense but there are key riffs that die in the mix when they jump out of the speakers.

Fans will shrug their shoulders as that is the show that they came for.

The uninitiated may need a few listens to look past them but once they do, the vibe will run its course.

In a time where the value of music is rated by first week sales, BDS spins and other data that stifles creativity, Starset is a welcome change.

Like Pink Floyd, they create movements that exist in their world and no one else’s.

With songs that can both pummel and provide solace to their listeners, Vessels is an album that at the very least has to be respected.

Stream: Starset Vessels On Spotify

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