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  • The Nightmare ends in Tokyo in Spawn #282 review

    The final confrontation in Tokyo is here as Cyan and Spawn challenge the Pale Face Man.

    Comics/AnimationDempsey BlackmonFebruary 1, 2018
  • Ghosts echo in Spawn #281 review

    In the fortress of souls Cyan speaks with the dead.

    Comics/AnimationDempsey BlackmonJanuary 4, 2018
  • Review: Spawn #280

    Cyan and Spawn investigate the criminal organization by any means necessary.

    Comics/AnimationDempsey BlackmonDecember 3, 2017
  • Review: Spawn #279

    Cyan awakens her new powers in this war against evil.

    Comics/AnimationDempsey BlackmonNovember 2, 2017
  • Review: Spawn #278

    Spawn encounters the mysterious Mr. Okumatsu.

    Comics/AnimationDempsey BlackmonSeptember 28, 2017
  • Review: Spawn #277

    Spawn confronts the head of a criminal organization.

    Comics/AnimationDempsey BlackmonAugust 31, 2017
  • Review: Spawn #276

    Spawn faces off against demons in Tokyo

    Comics/AnimationDempsey BlackmonJuly 27, 2017