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  • Batman Rebirth #1 Review

    A week after releasing DC Universe Rebirth #1, the universe-redefining 80-page one-shot that reset numerous elements of their universe, DC Comics...

    Comics/AnimationBrian DelpozoJune 2, 2016
  • DC Rebirth Ramifications

    Last week, DC Comics released their hotly anticipated DC Universe Rebirth #1. The 80-page one-shot established a new status quo for...

    Comics/AnimationBrian DelpozoJune 1, 2016
  • DC Universe Rebirth #1 Review

    After months of questions, announcements and even a leak, DC Comics finally launched their new Rebirth initiative Wednesday, with the the release...

    Comics/AnimationBrian DelpozoMay 27, 2016
  • DC Comics Announces Rebirth Creative Teams at WonderCon

    After months of speculation, including cryptic Tweets and an announced lineup that provided no details on creative teams, DC Comics announced...

    Comics/AnimationBrian DelpozoMarch 28, 2016
  • DC Comics Stress Legacy, Release Full List of ‘Rebirth’ Titles

    Just yesterday we discussed how vague everything regarding DC Comics upcoming “Rebirth” initiative was and pondered when the company would give...

    Comics/AnimationBrian DelpozoFebruary 18, 2016
  • Details on DC Comics ‘Rebirth’ Still Vague

    Comics/AnimationBrian DelpozoFebruary 17, 2016