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  • EPL Matches to Watch Recap: Week 6

    There were definitely several matches that were worth watching in the EPL this weekend and some didn’t even make the list....

    SportsKevin EatonSeptember 21, 2015
  • EPL Matches To Watch: Week 6

    Here we are entering Week 6 of EPL action and things are interesting to say the least. Chelsea is in 17th...

    SportsKevin EatonSeptember 18, 2015
  • EPL Matches To Watch: Week 5 Recap

    Was that a morning in the EPL or what? And for those of of you who are you new to soccer and the league...

    SportsKevin EatonSeptember 13, 2015
  • EPL Matches to Watch: Week 5

    The English Premier League (EPL) is coming off of its first international break of the season this weekend. The schedule has all 20 teams...

    SportsKevin EatonSeptember 11, 2015