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The Ultimate Tag Team Is Here In CHAMPIONS #14

The Champions and Avengers join forces to stop The High Evolutionary.

Marvel Comics sets the world stage with planetary proportions as the Champions team up with The Avengers to take on a colossal threat no one could ever comprehend in CHAMPIONS #14. Writer Mark Waid and artist Humberto Ramos will join forces to launch a comic book to push the boundaries of the superhero world yet again with no guarantee of survival. The world will know the fate of the Marvel Universe come November 15, 2017.

The High Evolutionary a supervillain capable of evolving his superhuman status at will becomes the main antagonist in this action-packed superhero drama. A pivotal secret will change the very scope of evolution. The Champions and Avengers come together to face off against a being more advanced than their most prominent technology.

Mark tells Marvel the basis behind The High Evolutionary’s plan to eliminate the human race.

“It looks pretty grim for about 12 billion beings both human and Ani-Men. The High Evolutionary, for reasons as yet unrevealed, has been gearing up for something mysterious that he calls “The Ascension,” and his world and ours get set on a collision course.”

A race against time as our world is set to crash into a foreign planet set to cause massive devastation and eradicate all life on Earth. Vision and Viv will be the main focus of the story as the two of them may hold the key to stopping The High Evolutionary before his tyrannical agenda is complete. Superheroes from all corners of the world will gather together to act as a single force against this imminent crisis.

Mark continues to tell Marvel the relationship between Vision and Viv as this new crisis falls upon the entire planet.

“I can’t say too much without tipping my hand, but let’s just say that Vision has been keeping a secret from Viv, one he’s kept since ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS #13. This creates more friction between them as she tries to figure out what’s going on in her father’s head.”

The fate of the worlds hangs in the balance as two planets are on the verge of annihilation. Can Earth’s Mightiest Heroes prevent the apocalypse this time? Find out as the Marvel Universe is tested once more in CHAMPIONS #14 coming to stores everywhere November 15, 2017.

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