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Tamar Braxton’s Mother Evelyn Speaks Out

Tamar Braxton‘s mother, Evelyn Braxton, recently decided to pay a visit to The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.  During her interview, she shared some disturbing details about Tamar and Vincent Herbert‘s relationship. Apparently, all hasn’t been right in the Herbert household for some year.

According to Evelyn, Vince and Tamar have engaged in very heated arguments and even physical altercations. They’ve even gotten into it in front of their child Logan. She thinks that Vince has a problem keeping his hands to himself and she is fearful that he will seriously hurt or kill Tamar.

Miss Evelyn went on to say that all of Tamar’s hospital visits are cause for suspicion. For a while, Tamar has been in and out of the hospital due to blood clots and related symptoms. At least that’s what Tamar says.  However, Evelyn thinks that there is no way that Tamar has had that much trouble with blood clots. She believes thinks that physical abuse from Vince is the true culprit. She’s gone on to say that she has seen bruises on Tamar’s body and thinks that they’ve come from Vince.

Tamar has reportedly had a lot of trouble with blood clots, just like her husband Vince. She’s had a rib removed and is even on and off blood thinners. It is a fact that people who are on blood thinners are more susceptible to bruising. So, there is a medical reason that could account multiple bruises found on her body.

Additionally, Eveny says that she has confronted Vince, however, his only response is that Tamar’s mouth is the cause of most of their disagreements. According to her, Tamar is in denial and blinded by love.

It’s interesting that Evelyn had decided to come forward after Tamar has separated from Vince and filed for divorce. If what she’s saying is true, then shouldn’t she have come out with this information a long time ago. It seems odd to do an entire radio interview behind Tamar’s back about the dangers of her marriage when Tamar has already decided to end it.

Also, for the most part, Tamar has been very transparent with the details of her marriage. Of course, she doesn’t share every juicy detail, but she’s generally forthcoming when it comes to saying if she and Vince are having problems. In fact, the new season of Tamar & Vince focuses heavily on their marriage. And it’s very apparent on the show that the two are not getting along.

It’s to know what to believe. However, it’s sad that Tamar’s family always feel the need to blast her business, true or not, in public. Her sisters Towanda, Trina, and Traci also couldn’t hold their tongues when asked about Tamar’s marriage by TMZ. It seems that Tamar’s eldest sister, Toni Braxton, is the only one in the family who has respect for her privacy.

WATCH: Evelyn Braxton’s interview on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

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