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Image Comics Courts Controversy with Divided States of Hysteria

Image takes a big risk to make a big statement.

Image Comics has unleashed a revolutionary title that has made its way to the forefront of comic book news.

The Divided States of Hysteria by Howard Chaykin revels in the society of a broken government lead by corrupted morals and an abundance of real world issues.

Chaykin is known for his works Midnight of the Soul, Satellite Sam, and Black Kiss. His career began back in the 1970s and has continued to present day. The material Chaykin has written is very graphic and brutal to the eyes of the reader.

The fear of potential terrorists attacks haunt the good American people within the comic. Therefore, the suspense is embedded deep within the storytelling for a once powerful government is left vulnerable. The story follows the life of C.I.A. field officer Frank Villa as the world attempts to recoup from the sudden assassination of the President of the United States.

The sensitive subject matter may provoke anyone who gazes upon this daring perspective. The message can be interpreted in many different ways in regard to what is happening on the page. The comic has reached an extreme demand that customers have forced the comic back to printers.

Chaykin has done the same with another comic book with a political identity American Flagg! The main character Reuben Flagg adjusts to a world in the far future surrounded by war as every country is fighting each other with nuclear warfare.

The new comic The Divided States of Hysteria takes a different format yet preserves the ideals of political disarray. The idea in itself is one that holds great promise for no one can predict the future when the greatest leaders of the free world are gone.

What is to unfold in the most powerful country will be up to the people to discover. This comic is for the people, by the people, for fans, and believers in the American dream.

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