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The Runaways Coming in September

Marvel Comics presents a new comic book series focusing on a group of powerful young teenagers.

Marvel Comics is taking a new direction for the new series The Runaways. The September comic books will hold a new perspective featuring some of the most interesting people on earth–teenagers. The series will be led by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka.

Rowell is a veteran writer with a talent for young adult stories. Her library of books consist of Eleanor & Park, Fangirl and Carry On, which all revolve around young adults. Kris Anka, an accomplished artist who has worked on Marvel’s X-Men and Captain Marvel, will bring forth a new depth of color and visuals to the series.

The story follows six teenagers who discover their parents are, in fact, super villains. In the effort to survive the twisted schemes of these parental figures, the kids team together to save themselves and each other. Each kid possesses special skills and abilities that benefit in their goal to stop the criminal intentions of their parents.

The story will take dramatic turns as the stakes and obstacles continue to push the hearts and minds of these children. Dark secrets and other agendas will be revealed in this world of endless possibilities.

The artwork is very direct and solid in color and there is no form of dark shading or cross-hatching. The color itself holds only one color and does not exaggerate with intense hues or tones within the final image. The line work is simple, neat and smooth in forming desired shapes and character appearances. The art style is a good match for the story content, creating a unique look that stands out from the trend of comics.

The feel of the comic has a more personal atmosphere, for the messages projected center on these young adults during a time of pivotal change. Be one of the first to witness our band of misfit heroes in “The Runaways” in September 2017.

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