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Review: Three is the Deadliest Number in Predator Hunters #4

The Predators face off against the greatest warriors Earth has to offer

ph4Title: Predator Hunters #4

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writers: Chris Warner

Artists: Francisco Ruiz Velasco

Story Rating: 8

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 9.3

Dark Horse Comics enters the world of the hunter and the prey as the Predators claim their trophies on the lives of the Island’s trespassers in Predator Hunters No. 4. Blood will be spilled in this action packed story featuring the deadliest hunters of all space and time.

Chris Warner shapes the story to display new Predators who emerge with skills outside of the super alien technology. The deadly trio possesses tools and totems of natural weaponry. Each of them wields great strength, speed and they even have the ability to see humans despite their core temperature levels.

Everything falls apart for the elite strike team set out to eliminate the Predator threat on the planet. After the team collects a human prisoner inside the Predator camp, within a split-second the team suffers heavy casualties. Bodies of soldiers are torn apart to a horrendous fate. Even the toughest of soldiers manage to panic under the pressure of fighting against the superior aliens.

Swain, one of the top soldiers on the squad, loses his will to fight and leaves his fellow teammate Herarra behind. Hererra becomes separated and eventually captured by the Predators, leading to his death. The remaining soldiers manage to escape and escort the civilian back to the safety boat off the coast of the island.

Francisco Ruiz Velasco brings the dark and consuming jungle to life with the sharp depictions of the plants and earth. A cool atmosphere reflects in the color palate of the comic book featuring large elements of blue, green, and grey. The Predators display intricate armor sets and profiles fitting to their status in the hunter chain of command. The soldiers share a uniform while maintaining a distinct look in military superiority. Also, the line work is loose and smooth when creating the environment and characters.

The fight is not yet over; from the shadows the Predators creep to the boat on the outskirts of the island. The next issue will give way to the conclusion as the team faces off against the Predators once more in a war of blood.

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