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Video: Conor McGregor Slaps Referee at Bellator 187

Notoriously Reckless

Conor McGregor, the most notorious man in MMA, made a spectacle last night when he stormed the cage and slapped a referee.

Last night at the Bellator 187 MMA fights, The Notorious MMA Connor McGregor was a little too enthusiastic when his SBG Ireland teammate Charlie Ward broke his two-fight losing streak and won his battle against John Redmond. McGregor who is known for his overzealous celebrations with teammates stormed the cage and tackled his friend Ward for a celebratory hug.

When referee Marc Goddard tried to remove McGregor from the cage, McGregor pushed Goddard and yelled at him as seen below. Goddard recently had a run in at a Gdansk event over the same type of behavior.


After leaving the cage, McGregor celebrated with the crowd and then came back to the cage again to celebrate with Ward, this time climbing up the side of the cage. When another referee tried to remove McGregor, he then slapped him in the face (below).

McGregor crossed the line twice last night, and it is unclear of what repercussions could come of his recklessness. Mr. Notorious could face anywhere from a 3-6 month ban or worse depending on what the Mohegan Sun Commission which oversaw the Bellator event decides.

There has been no word on what disciplinary action McGregor will undergo, but there needs to be some sort of action. McGregor is not above the law, and many fans are outraged about his actions. McGregor made a post about his big screen debut in his film Notorious a few days ago, and last night some fans laid into him about his behavior.


It is clear some of his fans are over his antics and want him to get back to the sport, we hope that he listens to them or else he may damage his career permanently.

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