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WATCH: Allen Iverson Has Plenty of Advice for Ben Simmons

Salute Magazine was fortunate enough to gain full media access to the Philadelphia 76ers Draft party on Thursday night. Former Sixers legend Allen Iverson stopped by the VIP tent to talk briefly with the media.

Allen Iverson was drafted number one overall by the 76ers 20 years ago, it was only natural for him to reminisce. Iverson told us just how nervous he was on draft night because of how badly he wanted to go to the Sixers.

Iverson recently became a first ballot hall-of-famer and he mentioned how appreciative he is of everyone who helped him along the way, including the fans and the organization.

AI also talked about the legends that have been a part of this franchise and how Ben Simmons will have to give everything he has in order to live up to expectations.

The biggest piece of advice that the Answer wanted to give Simmons was that he needs to understand that, “the media is not your friend.” He wanted the number one pick to realize that he shouldn’t get too close to the media at all because he could get his feelings hurt.

The best part about this presser was how Iverson answered a question about how the team needed veteran leadership. AI joked about a return to the court by saying, “if we can sprinkle in some old guys like myself, we’ll be alright.” He made sure to clarify by saying, “Nahhhh I’m done.”

The Sixers have a bright future as an organization and if AI can help out the team in any way, things will get even better.

In case you missed the live broadcast from yesterday, you can check it out below.

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