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Watch: First Teaser for Pixar’s Coco

After releasing last year’s Finding Dory and the upcoming Cars 3, Pixar will soon be due for another original feature film. That film is coming in the form of Coco, a movie about a young Mexican boy who falls in love with music, even though his family disapproves.

Today saw the release of the first teaser trailer, which you can watch below. Coco was directed by Pixar regular Lee Unkrich, who has worked on nearly a number of the studio’s masterpieces either as an editor or as a director. The film is also being co-directed and written by Adrian Molina.

Pixar is following in the footsteps of Disney’s Moana by casting exclusively actors who match the ethnicity of the film’s characters, which in this case means a fully Latino cast. It stars newcomer Anthony Gonzalez as the main character, as well as Renée Victor, Gael García Bernal and Benjamin Bratt.

In the movie, the young Miguel pursues his love of music even into the Land of the Dead, where he finds and communicates with his ancestors. It’s the second recent animated film to delve into this area, with The Book of Life having been released in 2014.

The trailer absolutely hints at that warm and fuzzy Pixar magic, though. Miguel’s first crossover into the Land of the Dead is noticeably Spirited Away-like, by the way, which is a good thing for a movie about a kid getting lost in a strange new world.

Coco is set to open on November 22, 2017.


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