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Watch: Lady Gaga Gets Personal in Five Foot Two Trailer

The Raw Truth

Lady Gaga is a force of nature that pushes the boundaries in every way, shape and form. From next level fashion choices to elaborate shows to musical journeys that have made stops at EDM, savage pop, soul and traditional singer/songwriter fare, she has always been one to crank the dial up as high as it’s willing to go.

With the arrival of her documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, she swings the pendulum all the way to the other direction.

Directed by Chris Moukarbel, this peek into her life is shaping up to be the reality TV we truly hunger for.

From what the preview displays of the work which drops on Netflix on September 22, Stefani Germanotta has dethroned her public persona Lady Gaga for the moment and she has something to say.

It’s impossible to judge a complete work from a trailer but what can be said this: get ready for a ride that will most likely inspire joy,tears and understanding.

Trailer: Gaga Five Foot Two


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