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Who Shot Ya?: Unsolved Hip-Hop Case Files


Biggie Smalls died on March 9, 1997, when an unknown assailant pulled up to his car and shot him four times, after a performance in Los Angeles, California.

For some reason it has been a common trend throughout Hip-Hop history, when a talented musician begins to gain notoriety, it can create jealousy among the people they associate with and even beef among friends.

And what makes matters worse is the fact that police rarely, if ever, bring a slain rapper’s murderer to justice. It’s a sad reality, that given all our modern technology and resources that we are not any closer to finding a killer. Or could it really be like Blastmaster Krs-One once said, “wanna get away with murder? Kill a rapper.”

Obviously, we at Salute do NOT approve or encourage violence of any kind, but we remember those musicians who dedicated their time to entertain us and that no good comes of beef.


DJ Scott “La Rock” Sterling

Shot and killed in 1987. The next year police arrested two men believed to be associated with the murder. They were acquitted.

Tupac Shakur

Shot and killed on the Las Vegas strip after attending a boxing match in 1996. An assailant was never identified nor caught.

Lamont “Big L” Coleman

Shot and killed in 1999 by an unknown assailant.

Jam Master Jay

An unknown assailant shot and killed him and several associates in 2002. Police say no witnesses will admit to ever seeing the shooter. The assailant was never caught.

Soulja Slim

Shot and killed by an unknown assailant on his parents’ front lawn in 2003.

Andre “Mac Dre” Hicks

Shot and killed by an unknown assailant outside of his concert in Kansas City, Missouri in 2004.

Rayquon “Stack Bundles” Elliot

Shot and killed by an unknown assailant outside his apartment complex on Beach Channel Drive in Far Rockaway, Queens. Police said that one suspect, Charles White, was found dead in his home in Springfield Gardens; informants later tipped police to another suspect, Lee Woods, who was wanted for his involvement in the shooting of a Brooklyn police officer. However, despite the two men already identified, police believe there is a connection between his death and the killing of his associate, rapper Chinx Drugz.

Lionel “Chinx” Pickens

Shot and killed by an unknown assailant on Queens Blvd. in Briarwood, while at the wheel of his Porsche Panamara, on his way home from Brooklyn.

Although a suspect has never been caught, police have publically stated that they believe there is a connection between the 31-year-old rapper’s death and the murder of Stack Bundles.


Following the death of the Notorious B.I.G., a foundation was started in his honor with the hopes of inspiring and helping youths in Brooklyn.

In 2013, LeRoy McCarthy petitioned his local community board to co-name a block in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, “Christopher Wallace Way” in honor of the slain rapper.

The intersection, St. James Place and Fulton Street, was where the icon first established his roots.


However, the plan was ultimately shot down by a community that could not look past his criminal record.

Meanwhile, following the shootings of DJ Scott La Rock and Stack Bundles, both communities have adopted “Stop the Violence” programs as a way to keep youth from associating with gangs and violence. As of today, both programs have seen great success helping the youth stay off the street by putting their skills to better use.

In Far Rockaway, a basketball tournament is held each year in memory of Stack Bundles. Over the past five years, the tournament has only gotten bigger and better and has even helped some go onto a collegiate career.

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