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Zayn Malik Stars in The Sound Off: Holiday Edition

Salute, and because it’s the most wonderful time of the year, let’s Sound Off.

If this weeks Republican National Committee debate was too entertaining to pass up, or if you were finding the force within at a Star Wars showing, you may not have heard the gossip whisperings on these Hollywood streets. However, not to  worry, because The Sound Off has got you covered.

Miss Colombia of the Miss Universe pageant now knows what it feel like to win and lose a crown within 80 seconds on live television. This fact is all thanks to Steve Harvey. Last night, in the mistake that was seen across the universe. Harvey, proved he is a man of many talents, but crowning the right Miss Universe isn’t one of them. Harvey the host of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant gave the crown to Miss Colombia, when in fact the correct winner was Miss Philippines. In a now deleted tweet Harvey apologized saying, ” I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians and Miss Columbia. This was a terribly honest human mistake and I am so regretful. ” Hopefully Miss Colombia can learn to forgive a man who still wears church suits on weekdays, because America has.

“Moe to the e to the…”, if you grew up in 90’s that phrase is one you’ll always remember from the hit show Moesha.

Although, Brandy, was the show’s star we all got our comedic relief from Moesha’s best friend, Kim. What we didn’t know, was that behind the scenes these two were more like “The Boy is Mine,” than “Best Friend,” if we are talking Brandy songs. Last week, these two did something admirable, if I do say so myself. Countess Vaughn the actress that played Kim issued a public apology via the world’s new public service announcement engine, social media. “I would love to start a new friendship with you with new heads on both of our shoulders,” said Vaughn. To which she was met with an equally remorseful Brandy who’s response included: “My heart is truly moved. Thank you God. This is a blessing,” said the singer. In the spirit of making things happen, who’s here for Moesha the movie, because in the words of Brandy “I wanna be down.”

In they Netflix and chill news: Gigi Hadid is headed in that direction with ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik. The two have been spotted holding hands around Tinseltown. Sunday, they confirmed what we all were suspecting, by making their Instagram debut. In the black and white pic Hadid cradles Malik face in the closest way. This coming only one month since Hadid officially called it quits with Joe Jonas, I can only wonder if he feels in the words of his brother Nick Jonas, just a bit “Jealous.”

An entertainment story this year wouldn’t be complete without Bill Cosby losing something whether it’s an honorary degree or his dignity. Since, it is the season for giving, Cosby has decided to give something back to some of his accusers as well this Christmas, in the form of a lawsuit. First, Cosby and his legal team are fighting against a subpoena issued towards his wife Camille. But what was trending this week, is the fact that Cosby and his team have begun to respond to these accusations that were coming a dime a dozen earlier this year, by filing a defamation suit against seven of his too many to count accusers. Don’t you just miss the days when this story wasn’t the most over talked about entertainment news of the year, and he was just a guy on your favorite re-run, Cliff Huxtable.

In back to back news, Meek Mill is back to dream losing instead of dream chasing. The rapper is losing out on major coins,  figuratively. This week it was announced that Mill would have to drop out of an upcoming major motion picture with Will Smith. To wrap up a year in which his biggest achievement was getting bodied a singing rapper, Mill can add this to his stack of 2015 loses.

Speaking of Meek Mill, his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj stars in the latest installment of Another  Day, Another Hip-Hop Beef . So who is Nicki beefing with this time, Human Rights, the foundation that is. This week the Human Rights Foundation issued a public letter to the “Anaconda” rapper. The letter pleads for the rapper to turn down a 2 million dollar performance hosted by a company controlled by Angolan dictator, José Eduardo dos Santos. The letter written by the president of the Foundation states: “The payment you are receiving from your Angolan sponsors is the result of government corruption and human-rights violations.” Thinking out loud, did he really expect Ms. Minaj to care about the 70 percent of Angolans living on two dollars a day under this regime? After all this is the same chick that said she must have about a milli on her right now, guess she can now add a two to that.

On the corner of gossip, news, and marginalized views, meets M’ballu Tejan-Sie, a journalist and self-proclaimed entertainment enthusiast.

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